Day 153


  1. Read Hebrews 8:6-13. This about the Old Testament vs. the New Testament.
  2. Why did we need a New Testament, a new covenant? (answer: The new covenant was based on better promises. The Israelites were not faithful to the old covenant.)


Watch the video, The Boyhood of Abraham Lincoln.

Watch the video, Abraham Lincoln Visits His Boyhood Home.

Tell Dad about Abe Lincoln’s life.


  1. Watch the movie on Jane Goodall.
  2. Take the REVIEW quiz. (CLASSIC MODE)


Color a page in the coloring book (ask mom).

Day 154


  1. Read Hebrews 9:14-27.
  2. What do verses 25 and 26 teach?  (answer: The high priests needed to continually offer sacrifices, but Jesus’ sacrifice only had to happen once for all people for all time.)
  3. What did He come to do away with according to verse 26?  (answer: sin)
  4. When we become Christians, we don’t instantly become perfect people. We are forgiven our past sins and made clean and holy. We receive the righteousness of Christ. Then we “work out” our salvation and reach to “take hold” of what we already have. We get transformed, day by day, into the image of Christ if we follow Him. Read your Bible and determine that you are going to obey everything Christ commands. Then ask Him to help you do it.


  1. Look through all of the pictures in the three photo galleries.
  2. Draw a picture that shows something about Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Explain your drawing to someone.


  1. Maybe you’ve heard or read about people training primates in sign language so that they can communicate.
  2. You can watch the beginning of this video to see a gorilla using sign language.
  3. Try training a primate. You’ll need a sibling or a parent or friend.
  4. Decide on something to train them to do. Something simple like, “Give me the apple.”
  5. You would then design symbols for give, me and apple. Draw the symbols on separate index cards or pieces of paper.
  6. Get a reward ready, like a pile of chocolate chips. If your “primate” reaches for one, take their hand away.
  7. There is NO TALKING, NO POINTING, NO GESTURING, NO NOISE during the training.
  8. Show the card, say for apple. Then show the apple. Repeat. Give the card to the “primate” and if they pick up the apple, give them a reward in their reward pile. They can’t eat yet.
  9. If they do something wrong, take away a reward from their pile.
  10. Keep training until you can communicate, “Give me the apple.”
  11. Make sure you don’t use my sentence otherwise your siblings will already know what to do!
  12. Take turns with your siblings training and being trained.

Day 155


  1. Read Hebrews 10:19-39.
  2. What does it mean to persevere as a Christian?  (answer: to not give up faith in Christ, to not stop doing the right thing, to not act in fear )
  3. Do you think you would respond joyfully if your home and everything you owned was taken from you because you were a Christian?




  1. Become a zookeeper.


  1. Learn about Hearing Loss. Scroll down and read through the page and then take the facts check up.
  2. Do your exercises

Day 156


  1. Read Chapter 1: The Bobbsey Twins.


  1. Practice Xtra Math
  2. Keep going with Khan Academy


  1. Copy a paragraph from any book – fiction, or non-fiction


  1. Read Hebrews 11.
  2. What hero of faith from Hebrews 11 do you admire the most and why?